Stewardship Pledge

This is our church
We make it what it is
Others will feel welcomed
If I am welcoming
It will do a great work
If I work
It will make generous gifts to many causes
If I am a generous giver of my time, talents, and treasure
It will be a sanctuary for social justice and peace
If I advocate for marginalized communities & practice peace in every setting of my life
Therefore, we shall follow in the reconciling ministry of Jesus as an inclusive, justice-seeking community,
And we shall empower all people to experience the presence of God, to grow toward wholeness, and to act in love
And I shall dedicate myself to being all the things I want my church to be. Amen

Cathedral of Hope is very important to all of us. It is absolutely obvious how important the church is for so many. Each of us has a story of great challenge in our faith journey, and yet a sense of love, care and acceptance at Cathedral of Hope.

This church needs you. God needs you. The church needs you to give your gifts. Give your time. Give your talents. Give your financial gifts. Giving our money is vital to the ministry of the church, so that we can minister to others. The fact that Cathedral of Hope is a welcoming place for the LGBTQ community is a precious gift. Our very presence as church is something worth valuing, cherishing and celebrating.

Make your financial pledge today. You may give weekly, monthly, or annually. You can also donate online. The ministry of Cathedral of Hope is a precious gift. Help keep that gift going and growing.


Your stewardship pledge allows Cathedral of Hope to plan the ministries and outreach capabilities for the year. You may turn fill out a pledge card and place it in the offering plate or you can submit your pledge below.

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