Warmth for Winter Deals Spotted

As December is getting closer, please keep in mind that the colder weather is upon us. During the month of December we will be collecting gloves, new winter hats, socks and coats for the children at Wilson Elementary School.

Today a member of our church went out and did some comparison shopping. The great thing is these are not the sales prices, they are the regular everyday prices. Prices on socks varied depending on style, quantity in package, etc. Here are some great options that were found for gloves, hats and coats…

  • Old Navy – 2 Pack Kids Gloves $2.50
  • Walmart – Faded Glory Boys Beanie Hat $2
  • Walmart – Faded Glory Boys & Girls Coats $18
For these 3 items, this came to $22.50 + taxes (in OKC it is +$1.88). We were advised that many kids came to school with no socks or gloves and/or only a windbreaker during last year’s major snow storm. So for just under $25 you can give a kid in Oklahoma City the basic things they need to stay warm.

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