Rev. Dr. Scott Jones’ response to recent anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments by Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern:

Representative Kern’s speech is hate speech unbecoming of an elected representative of the people.

It is this sort of hate speech that leads to violence against American citizens. Violence like the murder last fall here in Oklahoma of Steven Domer by a Neo-Nazi group or the recent murder of the eighth grade boy in California.

Representative Kern’s speech is filled with errors. She states wrongly that civilizations which accept sexual and gender diversity are short-lived. I would challenge with the 1,000 years of the Roman Republic and Empire.

She represents gay people as depressed and unhealthy. I challenge that if gay people did not have to deal with bigotry and hate then their lives would be no less healthy than the lives of anyone else. In fact, given the many roadblocks that people just like Rep. Kern place in the way of gay people living healthy, productive lives, I think we are doing wonderfully well. If she’s so concerned about our health and well-being, then she would support hate crimes legislation, fair housing and employment law, and marriage equality.

In her speech Rep. Kern denounced gay people for winning elections. She described winning elections as “taking over” the government. It is interesting to learn that Rep. Kern is opposed to democracy.

Rep. Kern also insults the Muslim religion and its adherents by calling Islam itself a threat to America, “a big threat.” She argues for a “return” to Judeo-Christian values. Her statements violate the religious liberty and pluralism that are essential to the American way of life.

Finally, and most importantly, Rep. Kern makes the outrageous claim that we law abiding citizens of the United States are a greater threat to this country than terrorism. How dare she! We are not responsible for the deaths of thousands of American citizens. We are, in fact, more likely to be the victims of terror from people in agreement with her views.

We are entitled to all the rights and privileges of citizenship. We are also entitled to be treated with respect and dignity by elected officials.

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