OKC Public Schools to Protect LGBT Students!

In case you haven’t seen today’s Oklahoman, the OKC School Board last night voted to explicitly protect LGBT students in the anti-bullying and harassment policies of the Oklahoma City School District!!!!!  https://www.newsok.com/oklahoma-city-school-board-passes-protection-for-gay-pupils/article/3425049?custom_click=lead_story_title

 Almost twelve years of work on this issue had been led primarily by Joe Quigley with many others working behind the scenes, at rallies, writing letters, speaking at Board meetings, lobbying board members, writing op-eds, etc. 

 And CoH has played a leading role in this issue the last five years.  I have appeared many times to speak at the school board meetings on this issue and have written about it in my Gazette column.  Other CoHers have appeared at meetings (Paula Sophia and Pat Cousins come to mind; if I’m forgetting someone else, I’m sorry),  have written letters, have been present at rallies, helped organize the Stop Hate in the Hallways Conferences, and more. 

Have a little extra spring in your step this morning.  Pat yourself on your back for one more objective achieved.  Write a letter to the board expressing your support.

And give thanks to God!



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