OK County Sheriff Accountability Session

Do you think our criminal justice system needs significant reform? Are you curious how this system really operates and affects everyone in our community? The fines and fees being imposed on our fellow citizens are causing many of them to enter into an endless spiral of debt, poverty, and often re-incarceration. Conversely, the same fines and fees imposed on wealthier individuals are considered little more punishing than a parking ticket. We must work harder to shore up the principle of equality under the law. Please attend the Oklahoma County Sherriff Accountability Session sponsored by Voice (Voices Organized in Civic Engagement). It will take place on August 20, at 3:00pm, at the Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1020 Ne 42nd Street, Oklahoma City. Be one of the 500 people we’ve committed to bring, so that the candidates see that the community cares about this issue!

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  1. Stacey Yarbrough

    As someone who pays $400.00 a month in fines and have been told I miss one payment they will send me back to prison. I struggle month to month to make sure they do not. I would live to go and support your cause and here what they have to say.

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