Japan Relief Efforts Collection

In the face of natural disasters, violence, or grinding poverty, Hygiene Kits can mean the difference between sickness and health for struggling families.

To assemble a Hygiene Kit you will need:

  • One hand towel measuring approximately 16″ x 28″ (no fingertip or bath towels)
  • One washcloth
  • One wide-tooth comb
  • One nail clipper
  • One bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)
  • One toothbrush (in original packaging)
  • Six standard size Band-aids®

Place all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure, remove excess air from bag, and seal. Please do not add toothpaste to the Hygiene Kit. Cartons of toothpaste that have an extended expiration date will be added to Hygiene Kit shipments just prior to shipment.

Funds are also needed to cover sorting, packing, and insurance, as well as shipping Kits to their final destination. You may bring a check made out to Cathedral of Hope with a memo of Church World Service Kits.

You may bring supplies and donations by the church at 3901 Northwest 63rd Street in Oklahoma City, Monday – Friday 8am-4pm and Sundays during Mayflower Congregational’s 9am & 11am worship services and Cathedral of Hope’s 6pm worship service.

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