Happy New Year – 2009

Formations Class: Show Me the Money
Now that we’ve discussed all the various elements of what it takes to be a vital, growing church, we come to the question of how we afford these change. Stewardship and finances will be our topic of discussion Sunday at 4:30. Our ?Prophetic Renewal? class will conclude on Janu-ary 11, after which we will begin our new 2009 format for the Formations Class. 

Supper Club Launches
The “Getting to Know You” dinner will be on January 9th, please RSVP by January 6th. At this is the organizational gathering dinner will be served at the home of Joe Arganbright, 612 NW 25th St.( between Dewey and Lee in the Paseo on the south side of street…white house, broad front porch) cocktails and hors d’oeuvr will be served at 6:30pm with dinner following. After this first gathering meals will be kept more simple so that the emphasis is on companionship. At present there are 8 signed up for the the program, any others who decide they would like to be involved in the supper group should contact Joe at 557-1055.