From the Pastor – Sally’s shenanigans

This past week, Rep. Sally Kern introduced three pieces of legislation at the Oklahoma State House. All three were designed to undermine the rights of LGBTQIA Oklahomans. None of these bills will make it out of committee, and none of the three would stand up in court. Yet, all three bills were introduced anyway.

I am very upset about these bills for several reasons. First, they deny LGBTQIA people the same rights that all Oklahomans have. Second, while Rep. Kern sure knows how to rally the troops, and I’m thinking of LGBTQIA troops, it is also deeply hurtful. I work so hard in my ministry to talk about God’s love, and she just slams hate out at everyone. Lastly, I’m disappointed that some of the same folks that were upset about the “hoodie bill,” have remained oddly quiet about these three bills. 

I will always defend the rights of all persons, but today I stand up and say “no way” to this group of bills, and offer another message instead, a message of love and acceptance. This is the Gospel of Hope. Thanks be to God.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Matt

Read this article on to find out more about the bills being proposed.


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