From Pastor Kayla’s Desk 5/6

My heart continues to break for the multitude of injustices we witness on a daily basis. One practice I engage in in the midst of injustice is prayer. Another practice is “showing up” for the victims of injustice. Below is a prayer I shared at the Jordan Edwards Black Lives Matter Vigil this past Wednesday at East 6th Street Christian Church. Will you join me in prayer, and in continuing to show up for victims of injustice?

“God of Justice and Love,

We long for the day when we will no longer need to come to you in prayer over another young black child killed by our police system. When there will be no need for vigils, to mourn our slain black and brown folk, who are unjustly viewed as threats, instead of as persons of blessing and beauty.

God, we lift up in prayer Jordan’s family.

For justice and strength to his parents, Mr. Odell and Mrs. Charmaine Edwards.

For comfort and long-term spiritual care for his two brothers who were in the car with him when he was shot and killed, by those sworn to protect and serve.

For endurance and community support for the rest of Jordan’s family and friends.

For perseverance and steadfastness for Mr. Lee Merritt, the Edwards family attorney.

Loving God, our only comfort is to know that this 15 year old child, who was a blessing to his community, is finally safe in your loving arms. We wish that heaven was not the only safe place for a person with dark skin to dwell. We long for a 15 year old child to be safe with their siblings in their own car. In our neighborhoods. In this country.

God, like your prophet Amos, we long for justice to roll down like a river, and righteousness like a mighty stream. We pray that those with privilege and authority would not try to cover up the sins of another, one who would shoot a rifle at a carload of children, but instead, Mighty God, we pray for the powerful to lead with transparency, truth-telling, and restitution. For those in authority to become leaders in the complete dismantling of the systemic racism inherit in our policing structures, and to equip and empower communities, so that we might enjoy domestic tranquility, liberty, and justice for all.

Tonight be with us in our grief and in our anger. Be with us as we see your presence in each face gathered. Be with us as continue to create communities of your kingdom, where black and brown folk are not feared but favored, are not deleted but delighted in, are not expended, but exalted.

We lend our love and light to your child, Jordan Edwards, created in your image. Oh God we cry out to you. Amen.”

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