From Pastor Kayla’s Desk 12/8

We are continuing our advent theme of “The Four-Chambered Heart” this Sunday. This week’s theme is “Open-Hearted.” This will be our First Reading this Sunday.

From Angeles Arrien’s “The Four Fold Way”
Many traditions believe that the heart is the bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. “For these traditions, the ‘four-chambered heart,’ the source for sustaining emotional and spiritual health, is described as being full, open, clear, and strong. These traditions feel that it is important to check the condition of the four-chambered heart daily, asking: ‘Am I full-hearted, open-hearted, clear-hearted, and strong-hearted?

Where we are not open hearted we become close hearted.  Being defensive, resistant, and self-protective are signs that we feel vulnerable and weak.  The remedy is to soften and reopen the heart through compassion for self and other, and creating a middle way.

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