From Pastor Kayla’s Desk 11/19/2016

Stewardship Dinner
Saturday, November 19th, 6-8pm
3131 N Penn Ave OKC, OK 73112 

Over the past month our Stewardship theme has been, “Being the Church.” We’ve been blessed by personal testimonies in worship and now is the time for us to prayerfully consider how we will participate in supporting the mission and ministries of Cathedral of Hope.

If you missed the amazing testimonies from Erik Kendall, Judy Hey, or Gabriel Wiseman, I invite you to read these snippets below:

(From Erik Kendall) “This church was very different than what I was used to. It was very structured and calming. The people were very nice and inviting. I was very scared and nervous because I hadn’t been in church for over 11 years, but it was not necessary…So when I give my time and money, it’s going towards establishing a strong and vibrant spiritual community for generations to come. Yes, you heard me right. This is not about today or next Sunday, and this is not about us. This is about giving those that come after us a place to learn about this Jesus, in a fully welcoming and inclusive environment. It’s so that people can come into this place, this Cathedral of Hope, and work together with each other, with local churches, and with local organizations to help the sick, the hungry, the poor, the homeless, and the outcasts of society.”

(From Judy Hey) “The church gave me back my self-worth, it gave me purpose, it fed my spirit. I do not know where I would be right now if Cathedral of Hope had not come to OKC. This church anchors us. It strengthens our relationship with each other. It strengthens our relationship with God; it helps us see God in others, it helps us see Gods hand in everything and it still feeds us.”

(From Gabriel Wiseman) “When I came out to myself, the first question I asked was “Can I still be a Christian?” Then I found Cathedral of Hope. It was the bulletin and communion that caught my eye. “Extravagant grace, radical inclusion, relentless compassion.” Relentless compassion? What? I was intrigued. I slowly realized that here, I can be loved and accepted for who I am. Not only my sexuality and gender identity, but everything else about me, too.”

Tonight is our time to say “Yes” to “Being the Church” in the year to come. Last year we had 11 pledged givers; this year we’re hoping to double that! Our ministry is a direct result of the faithful ways that our members and friends give of their time, talents, and treasure which God has first given.

So, please join us for our Stewardship Potluck as we get to know new faces, share a meal and conversation, turn in our pledge cards for 2017, and have the opportunity to win raffle prizes! Lots of folks have already committed to bringing yummy food! Come and experience the abundance ?

If you are unable to attend our dinner tonight, you are welcome to turn in your pledge card on Sunday in the offering plate, or to mail it to the church.

Peace & Love,
Pastor Kayla Bonewell

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