From Pastor Kayla’s Desk 11/11

Our Annual Meeting is coming up on Sunday, November 19, at 6pm. Our meeting and worship will be combined this year like last year. The Officers are proposing a change to our by-laws so that we can have more than one at-large member among the officers (but we aren’t required to have more than one). Please see the proposed change below, and speak to Pastor Kayla if you have any questions.

Section II.  Congregational Officers

A.  Congregational Officers

1)  Composition — The Congregational Officers shall be composed of the Pastor, the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Past-Chair, and one at-large member a minimum of one at-large member.  

Also, this is our slate of Officers to be voted on for 2018:
Past-Chair: Nancy Castleberry
Chair: Mike Willson
Vice-Chair: Catherine Fuller
Treasurer: David Disbrow
Secretary: Paul Marek
At-Large Member: Victor Gorin
At-Large Member: Eric Brooks

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