From Pastor Kayla’s Desk 10/27

Each year pastors and lay delegates of the UCC churches in Kansas and Oklahoma gather together to do the business of our conference. This Oct 20-21, Pastor Kayla, Alex O’Brien, and Anna Holloway attended the meeting in Wichita, Kansas. Here are some reflections from those who attended.

(Anna Holloway) The business of the denomination was conducted with real civility while affording everyone a chance to speak and be heard. Issues involving requirements for ministry were addressed with openness and grace. It’s a good bunch of people who actually care about having the UCC work well as a denomination.

(Alex O’Brien) For me, I really was moved by the personal connections I made with attendees from other UCC churches.

(Pastor Kayla). This year what was most amazing was that our entire Kansas-Oklahoma UCC Conference voted to become an Open & Affirming Conference. I connected with the pastors and staff of our conference, and advocated for the youth of our conference to attend next summers Regional Youth Event together. It’s wonderful to be part of a vibrant and relevant church body, doing important ministry work within the wider United Church of Christ.

This year during our stewardship season, we heard amazing testimonies from Craig Callas, Will Goss, Linda Baker, and John Schenberg. On Pledge Sunday, Oct 22nd, we received 13 pledge cards, filled with people’s time, talents, and treasures that they are planning to give to the ministry of our congregation in 2018. It’s not too late to turn in your pledge card. There are blank pledge cards in the seat back pockets in the sanctuary. Last year we received 20 pledges; I know we can beat that # this year!

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