From Pastor Kayla: #StoptheDebtTrap

In 2014, Pope Francis said: “When a family has nothing to eat, because it has to make payments to usurers, this is not Christian, it is not human. This dramatic scourge in our society harms the inviolable dignity of the human person.”

Unfortunately, the Legislature has approved HB 1913, which was drafted and lobbied aggressively by the payday loan industry, and authorizes loans with annual interest rates of over 200 percent, more than twice as much as widely available signature loans.

Because this is a faith issue regarding care for the poor, I have contacted Governor Mary Fallin to express my opposition to HB 1913 and have asked her to veto the bill. Please join me in this endeavor. You can call her office at (405) 521-2342. You can also contact her via twitter @GovMaryFallin. #StoptheDebtTrap

Pastor Kayla posing with a loan shark

Art piece at the capitol of a man falling off a ledge into a debt trap created by payday loan interest

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