Past Projects


Curious about what sorts of projects we have been involved with? Here are examples of how we’ve cared for people and promoted God’s vision of peace, liberation, and justice.

Adoption of Wilson Elementary School

In 2004 we adopted our neighborhood elementary school and have created year-around opportunities to help the school and its students with their needs.  In the summer we collect school supplies and at the start of the school year we deliver vans or trucks full of supplies.  These help those students and families who are unable to purchase their own.  When cold season rolls around, we deliver facial tissues.  And in the winter we sew scarves for the kids.

Christmas Baskets

Every year we deliver baskets at Christmas time to those living with HIV/AIDS who are on public assistance. The baskets include items that are not covered with public assistance – household cleaning products, personal cleaning products, laundry products, vitamins, clothes or blankets. It takes months of fundraising and preparation and involves a huge segment of our congregation in the set-up and delivery.

Habitat for Humanity

We have often participated in Habitat for Humanity projects, constructing homes for the economically disadvantaged. Teams of church members sign up for days and times to participate in the construction projects.

Health Fair – Free Flu Shots

We worked with the health department to provide free flu shots. On two different evenings we invited anyone to participate. The first day we set up at church, the second time we set up at the Gold Dome during a meeting of the Diversity Business Association. Folk were shocked that there was no charge. It is part of our new effort to minister to the health and wellness needs of the community.


AIDS Walk is an annual city-wide event that raises awareness and funds for local agencies involved in providing services and care for those living with HIV/AIDS. Our congregation raises funds for the initiative and sends a crew to participate in the walk.

Stop Hate Coalition

In October 2007, the Cimarron Alliance Foundation, a local educational foundation, organized the Stop Hate in the Hallways Conference to bring attention to bullying in schools – bullying based on race, religion, and sexual orientation. Cathedral of Hope was a community partner in this conference and members of the church were involved as members of the organizing committee, presenters, and volunteers. Hundreds of education and mental health professionals from around the state attended the conference. In ensuing months, a coalition has formed to raise awareness of hate crimes and the environment of prejudice and intimidation throughout the state. CoH sponsored a candlelight vigil in response to the murder of a gay man.


Bob’s Wheel Chair Ramp

One of our members suddenly found himself in a wheelchair and unable to access his own home. We mobilized a work crew and by the time he was sent home from the hospital, he had a ramp from his driveway to his front porch.