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Women’s Health Day

Women’s health care agencies from across the state will converge at the State Capitol for Women’s Health Day at the

Free Flu Shots Again Tonight

Don’t forget, after worship tonight we will be giving away free standard flu shots, beginning around 7 p.m. in the fellowship

Flu Shots

Last weekend we inoculated 80 people with the standard flu shot!  Saturday night we caught the Halloween crowd out partying

2009 Health Fair Pictures



















































Health Fair Statistics

Here are the list of volunteers that helped with the Fair: 
Gwen O’Brien
Phil    O’Brien   
Nancy Sanders
Beth    Sterling
Tom McDonald
Joe–didn’t formally volunteer,

2009 Health Fair

April 19
3:00 – 5:30

In Daniel Hall at the First Unitarian Church building
600 N.W. 13th Street

We will be giving away two