A Prayer for Current Events

This week has been hard for many. Many in the OKC LGBT community have experienced loss of friends and loved ones. Parts of our state have experienced flooding and rock slides with recent storms. A church in Charleston, South Carolina, has been rocked by someone walking into their worship service and killing 9 people and injuring at least 1 other person. We do not always understand why these things happen, nor can we always wrap our mind around what has happened. Sometimes it’s all just too much. So God, we come to you in grief, in sadness, in anger, in frustration, and in confusion. We come to you asking for calm weather, understanding, peace, and justice. We ask that on this weekend of Pride, when we celebrate liberation, freedom, and equality, you remind us why we must keep pursuing equality for ALL people and instill in us a desire to make our world a more peaceful place.

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